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A major part of being a home or business owner is providing adequate security for your building. It not only protects the people you are responsible for, it also keeps your assets safe. Make sure you have your locks installed, repaired, and replaced by a professional Taylor, MI locksmith for the highest level of security. For more than ten years, Staelens Locksmith has been providing the highest quality services for your home, business, automobile, motorcycle, and other locks and keys.

Commercial Locksmith Services

image of a shop door in Taylor, MI we worked on.

We can handle all types of commercial and business locksmith and door jobs. This shop in Taylor called us to install a new lock and handle on their front door.

Keep your business secure with commercial locksmith services from Staelens Locksmith. We offer a comprehensive range of services for Taylor, MI, including lock installation, key duplication, lock repair, lock rekeying, safe locksmith service, and lockout service around the clock.

If you are looking for a way to streamline your employee entry, we can install a master key system at your business. This is a keyless entry system that requires a passcode to gain entry. If you are tired of making copies of your store key for employees that lose them, a master key system might be the answer.

Residential Locksmith Services

Your home is where your most treasured people and things are kept. It makes sense that you would want to have solid security to protect it. At Staelens Locksmith, we offer homeowners a wide selection of locks to choose from, including high-security locks and smart locks. We provide professional lock installation, lock repair, lock rekeying, key duplication, and lockout service.

Smart locks are great for quick access. They offer a keyless option to get inside your home. You simply enter your personal passcode to gain entry. Smart locks are connected to your Wi-Fi network, so you can send the code from your smartphone and have your door unlocked for you when you arrive.

Automobile Locksmith Services

Ever lock yourself out of your car? In some situations, this could put you in danger. We can make sure you have a spare car key copy when you need it. We also offer car key programming, car key fobs, key fob programming, lockout service, lock repair, transponder keys, and more.

Transponder keys offer an extra level of security for your car. They contain a chip that is connected to your specific automobile. Unless you use your chipped key in the ignition, your car will not start. This is a great deterrent for car theft and keeps others from borrowing your car without permission.

Motorcycle Locksmith Services

Prefer the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle on the open highway? We can help you provide the best security for your bike, regardless of what kind it is. We offer key fobs, transponder keys, key fob programming, lock repair, lock rekeying, and key replacement for most major brands.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Locked out? Can’t get your doors to lock? Staelens Locksmith offers 24-hour emergency services to get you back inside and keep everyone safe.

Staelens Locksmith, Your Trusted Locksmith

At Staelens, we use only high-quality door hardware that we guarantee and warranty from major brands like Schlage, Marks, LCN, and Von Duprin. We take pride in providing the best quality services for our customers. Staelens Locksmith offers emergency locksmith service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you have a problem. Our goal is to provide the finest locksmith services for our customers and exceed their expectations every time.

Contact us today at Staelens Locksmith for more information about our full line of locksmith services for your Taylor, MI home, business, and transportation.