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A locksmith is more like a doctor. Once you get one, you won’t go looking for another. Not without a very good reason. That’s why a certified Locksmith Service is all you need. A  Certified locksmith always keeps records of their visits with you that are just as meticulous as any doctor. They are aware […]

Doors are important as they give security to your house. Doors can be classified into many types based on the location or the type of security it provides. Below are some of the types of door. Exterior doors: These doors work best for stand-alone houses and duplexes. Interior doors: Such doors are mostly designed to […]

Getting caught out of your house without a key can happen to anybody, and usually it does happen at the worst possible time. That is why it is important to have a mobile number of a qualified emergency locksmith 24*7 with you. Below are some of the benefits of an Emergency Locksmith Service you can […]

Every individual finds comfort within their house. Our concern is just the same for you. And what will be more comforting than a peaceful sleep in your room ? Residential Locksmith can help you experience good and tension-free slumber with a range of equipments to protect your house. These ranges from different locks to crook-alarms. […]

At some stage in life, we will eventually have to call upon the locksmith for some services or the other and know why you should choose a certified locksmith service for your house. Whether we’re locked out or have bought a new house or want to change only the locks, choosing a right locksmith for […]

Locksmithing is an art and science of making locks and it needs lot of practice and hard-work in becoming a proficient LockSmith. Art of LockSmithing dates back almost to 4000 years ago, in the ruins of a palace in Khorsabad located in Egypt. LockSmith’s of today are very involved in installing high quality locks and managing keys and control […]

Every house owner knows that how important the security of its home is. Without encouraging the necessary steps to prevent theft in your home you are taking a great risk. Follow these major security tips for your home and keep your house safe from burglars.     Outer Security Make sure your garage, shed or property gates are […]

24 hour locksmith Detroit

Have you locked keys in car? Give us a call at + 734-224-2824 and one of our locksmith will be dispatched immediately to your location, 24 hrs day or night. MY KEYS ARE LOCKED IN CAR – WHAT DO I DO? Locking and forgetting keys inside your cars is extremely common mistake we do but it causes a […]

Everything in this entire world has a life span and locks at our home or office are no exception to that. Knowing when to replace your locks could actually save you the misfortune of being a victim of robbery and this post will tell you why need a professional for lock replacement. If you haven’t […]

How to Stay ahead of Housebreakers

House owners need to make sure that they have the latest security measures to restrain most attempts by thieves to break into their home and always stay ahead of housebreakers. There are many ways to safeguard your house, but one of the best way to avoid having your home getting lock picked by a thief […]

Staelens Locksmith van

When deciding you mobile locksmith, you first want to make your decision when not in an emergency situation. Always try to look for the mobile locksmith that offers the services on a 24-hour basis against the most affordable price. Services Offered by Mobile Locksmith Every mobile locksmith is different and will offer different services. That’s […]