17 Mar 2016

Doors are important as they give security to your house. Doors can be classified into many types based on the location or the type of security it provides. Below are some of the types of door.

  • Exterior doors: These doors work best for stand-alone houses and duplexes.
  • Interior doors: Such doors are mostly designed to protect apartments that are internally located in buildings


  • Fire proof safes:  These kind of safes are made from heat resistant materials which mange to protect the goods inside during high temperatures even when there is an actual fire.
  • Wall safes:  Along with providing a tough exterior to your money, ornaments and documents, these safes also manage to keep your stuff unrevealed and hence comparatively safer.
  • Record Safes: these safes are specially designed to protect most important of your documents both from being stolen and from being burnt.
  • Gun safes: Especially designed to bear ammunition within themselves, these safes are made of a very strong base and raw material, so as to keep all the arms inside them safe from wear and tear as well as theft.
  • Floor safes: these are safes for domestic installation since they are reasonable in their price and provide effective protection as well.
  • Custom safes: These safes are designed according to your specifications and requirements.
  • Cash boxes: these are cheap installations which are mostly meant for domestic or slightly informal usage.
  • Depository safes: these safes are mostly meant to prevent cash handling from mingling with collection of cash. These safes are most useful in offices where different staff is assigned to do the above two tasks, hence preventing confusion.DSC_0976-e1447022356800-1024x488

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