11 Feb 2016

Every house owner knows that how important the security of its home is. Without encouraging the necessary steps to prevent theft in your home you are taking a great risk. Follow these major security tips for your home and keep your house safe from burglars.

    Outer Security

  1. Make sure your garage, shed or property gates are closed once they are used. Do spend some money on purchasing more secured locks on exterior property.
  2. Security Locks should be used on expensive gardening equipment such as lawn mowers.
  3. When leaving your house, make sure that all garage doors are properly locked.
  4. Your door connecting to the garage should be made of solid wood or metal and should be properly secured with a strong lock and dead bolt.
  5. Always lock your car door when you come home at night.
  6. All your vehicles including bicycles and bikes should be locked and secured in a safe place.
  7. All External obstructions which can be used by thieves to hide like Trees, shrubs and bushes should be pruned.
  8. Install exterior floodlights that works with a motion sensor.
  9. Be sure to switch on at least one outdoor lighting in the evening.

Exterior Door Security

  1. Make sure that all the external doors are of solid hardwood or metal construction. Glass panels should be reinforced.
  2. Fit a deadbolt lock into the frame of the door.
  3. Always check if exterior doors are locked, even if you go out for a couple of minutes and especially at night.
  4. Make sure your neighbours has an extra pair of your keys and never hide them under the front doormat or in a flower pot.

Window Security

  1. Check for rotten window frames and replace if needed.
  2. Secure every window in the house with a high security window lock.

General Security Around The Home

  1. Use a security safe for all your valuables.
  2. Keep firearms security locked in an appropriate firearms cupboard. This should be fitted with a trigger guard lock.
  3. Have emergency telephone numbers next to your telephone box or in your mobile.
  4. Make sure your whole family is aware of an evacuation procedure in the event of an emergency such as a fire.
  5. And of course, activate your alarm system when leaving your property.


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