16 Jan 2016
How to Stay ahead of Housebreakers

House owners need to make sure that they have the latest security measures to restrain most attempts by thieves to break into their home and always stay ahead of housebreakers. There are many ways to safeguard your house, but one of the best way to avoid having your home getting lock picked by a thief is to know the technology that is being used behind the theft.

Some of the techniques used by Thief’s to break in

Lock picks cabigstock-Thief-Burglar-opening-door-53815426n use a uniformity of tools and technologies, from manufacturing technological tools to homemade items for the only purpose of picking a locked door. The idea is to put the pins inside the lock in the exact way that they are present when the right key is used on the door. This process involves, one tool to insert from one end of the lock to create some tension and a second tool with a curved end is inserted from the other end to raise the pins in the lock to a point where the plug will turn and the door will open. These tools are used simultaneously and can open any lock in less than a minute, and some neat burglars are efficient enough to break any lock.

Bump keys have become very popular in the past 5 – 10 years. The idea behind the bump key is similar to picking lock, but it’s process is completely different. The process is to get the pins in a cylinder lock aligned so that it will open – a thing that generally takes place only when the right key is inserted into the lock. In cases of bump keys, there are cut keys specially made for every type of key present. A bump key works as fast and easily as the actual key when opening a lock and leaves back no evidence that it was used.


Prevent Lock Picks with Digital Locks

As you have read, both of the most common ways to break a door lock during a theft involves a key and a lock, the best way to avoid this risk is to get a keyless lock. Modern Era of new technologies have introduced Digital locks which has evolved to the point where keyless locks are now commonly used for homes. Below are some of these Digital Locks which are present in the market. StaelensLockSmith offers such locks in all the work areas where we are offering our services.

  • Remote-controlled locks. When there is no key, and chances are so less for lock picks to defeat the lock, you do have a remote with a button which initiates the receiver on the lockset and opens the door. These kind of locks are great for the disabled who may actually find very difficult to enter a combination or get their fingers in place for a fingerprint lock.0203-VLOCK-lock_and_app-AUGUST
  • Fingerprint locks. Fingerprint scanners are generally located on the lock pads and can store a number of different fingerprints to open the lock. If you have trouble losing your keys this lock could be for you.
  • Pushbutton locks. For a Pushbutton locks a combination is required to open the lock, with a keypad located on the lockset. Since there is no key involved, some pushbutton locks are included as a backup entry method. However, there are pushbutton locks available without keys so the threat of lock picks and bump keys are eliminated.

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