24 Dec 2015

Is it possible that a thief, a burglar or any wrong person could gain access to your house by hacking into your garage door?  Can someone hack your garage door ? Is it going to be the biggest threat to your home ?  The short answer is yes, it’s very possible that someone can break into your house through your Garage door by simply hacking it.

I hope this is not the answer you wanted, is it?

But the truth is many garage door can be hacked. And recently one man has proven it and i can bet doing so is not much more than child’s play.

Hacking a Kids Toy bigstock-Hacker-Typing-On-A-Laptop-44548564-696x431

There is a man named Samy who made some customization to a Mattel texting toy called an IMME. With just a few simple, the man turned that toy into a code-breaking tool. He then walked right up to a garage door of his neighbour, pulled the toy out of his jacket, and opened the door in fraction of seconds.

The customized toy tried every possible code combination it could for the door  – a less impressive task than it seems, as many garage door codes are not particularly complex, making it very easy for these script kiddie hackers. However later that man demonstrated that any technical mind or any techie thief can come up with a device that can open hundreds to thousands of garage doors across the country.

Garage Door Hacking Not New

garage-doors1Thieves have always had the ability to hack garage doors. However in the past, thieves used to steal codes for hacking into a garage door, not deducing them using complex algorithms. Until recently, the bad guys managed to get inside the garage by hiding and waiting for you to get home. Only then after you activated your door, their equipment could grab the code.

But the with this new world of technology, life is much easier for the bad guys. Now they can just drive around a neighbourhood, trying their nasty devices to bug on any garage door, any time.

Good News.

But the good news is not all garage doors can be hacked. We at StaelensLockSmith provides you with quality service and trust by hundreds of our clients. Give us a call at + 734-224-2824 at any hour in a day and we will help you as soon as we can or visit our contact us  page!
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