19 Dec 2015

During Christmas you don’t have to go too far to tempt thieves entering your home. They get temped even when you are going to the mall or visiting your family/friends for dinner. In this post we won’t be talking about Christmas carols, decorations and wishes, instead we would be talking about Christmas crimes, how you can avoid it and some of the security tips for for your home. One thing you have to keep in mind: Burglars or Thieves whatever you may call them, know that this holiday season you are going to buy new house hold items and stuffs for your friends and family and they try to take advantage of it.
The secret to outsmart them is to stop thinking that they will only break in if you are out somewhere. They can even break in when you are sleeping upstairs, taking shower.

Security Tips when at Home


Always keep your door locks secure, when you are at home. Make sure your windows are also locked and nobody from outside can have see through the window to the gifts lying under the Christmas tree. Change your locks if they are old or call us to check if they are secure enough or not. Avoid throwing away the box of your newly bought gadgets. Burglars go through your trash bin!!! Through trash bins they will know what are all the gifts in the house and if they are really into it, they will just come and get it. Do not make access easy. If you have a big house, you will need more than a normal lock. You need high security locks, security cameras in almost all the possible entrances and if possible a deadbolt installation at important areas.

Security Tips when you are out

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If you are a person who really lives for Christmas vacations, you must seriously consider whether you need lock change or its repair. You can consult Staelens Locksmith for an evaluation. At the same time, you must ask your neighbors to keep an eye, and leave some lights on in and out of the house. If you are going to a restaurant with friends or family, remember that burglars love handbags hanging on chairs. Avoid hanging them from chairs with their zip open. Don’t forget, along with the bag, you also will loose house keys, car keys, credit cards and other important stuff.

Security Tips when you are out shopping


Avoid too much shopping in one day as much as possible. One, someone may be keeping an eye on you and follow you to your car. It will also be hard to move and someone can easily steal your stuff. Second, you might end up putting some of the gifts in the car before you carry on with your shopping. That can be very dangerous since thieves might take this opportunity to break-in and steal.
For security reasons you must hide the gifts and be extra careful. It’s sad to say that, but that’s the other side of such a happy holiday and one should be careful in order to enjoy their Christmas!


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Merry Christmas to everyone
May you enjoy this holiday season safe and secure.