30 Nov 2015
Locksmith Keys

There are few times when you realize the need to replace old locks on the doors of your house. But prior to taking any action, the next question to your answer is whether you really need to replace the locks or just need to re-key your old locks. Rekeying existing locks is a process which is a cost-efficient way of getting rid of old keys and is something that many house owners will wish to do. According to some security experts, there are times when you just cant re-key your old locks but have to replace locks.

We at StaelensLocksmith are deeply focused on home and office security. We believe below are some of the things you should think before deciding which service to opt for :

  • Malfunctioning of locks. Door locks eventually fail over time like any other thing. You may notice the key now doesn’t turn as easily as it used to, or more often gets stuck up in the lock. And at some occasion, you may not be even able to turn it anymore to open the lock. So when the issue like this comes up at your place, then the only intelligent thing to do is to replace locks itself rather than re key your old locks.
  • Moving into a new home. There’s no telling how many different copies one need to have of the key to your new home. One need duplicate keys to give it to all the family members, to neighbors and to workers for extended jobs at your place. On top of that, what if a lost key may get into the wrong hands or someone who has previously worked at your place may have copied your key with the plan to return and steal. In this scenario, Re-keying the existing locks will make all the existing copies of keys worthless. But contradictory to this statement many security experts recommend replacing the whole lock itself when you move into a new home so that one of your highly important aspect of security is new and dependable.
  • Upgrading your old locks. If you are extremely worried about the security which your current locks provide, the only way to increase the level of security is to get new locks. Maybe there is a door or there are some doors without a deadbolt or perhaps even the strike plate and deadbolt in your current locks are not as strong as they can be. The zeal to put in a stronger, heavier and more reliable lockset is a very common reason among house owners to replace existing locks.
  • Avoid risking bump keys and lock picking. You may not know this, but even the most secure cylinder lock is also vulnerable to lock picking attempts, particularly that involving bump keys. These keys are specially designed in a way to allow a burglar to actually beat a cylinder lock in a matter of few seconds. Stronger locks with many deadbolts can even make it more tough for burglars, but only locks which are without keys can eliminate that kind of threat. Locks in modern world with high tech technology are available without keys that uses only fingerprint to open, rely on pushbutton codes or are triggered by a remote to open. If you want to switch to this modern age technology, your current locks must be replaced with the existing ones.

We believe by now you would have made up your mind whether you need to replace locks or have to re-key the existing locks. So hurry up and don’t wait for any theft to happen. Secure your home and offices and the ones you love the most.

How to Replace Locks / Re-key Old Lock

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